HostBill introduced the launch of Smart Search update, refined filter/search of sent emails log, and new refunds option in this week’s update. The Smart Search feature is an efficient search method through the HostBill installation. The new feature is capable of searching within tickets, invoices, accounts, domains, orders, clients, and more to match the query. It also categorizes search results. The new category includes Affiliates allowing users who use Affiliate System to use Smart Search to look for information connected to your affiliates.

Refined filter/search of sent emails log and refunds

In HostBill, emails sent are logged in just like any other actions taken. The Emails Sent log lists outgoing emails that were sent to clients, allowing customers to inspect the generated email messages, check their status, and possible failure reasons. With the new improved filters/search feature, users will be able to find relevant information easier. It allows users to search through client name, email address, email subject and body text, related item type, and ID or email status.

HostBill also allows users to issue refunds automatically through the gateway by adding credit to the clients’ accounts or manually. Credit Notes can also be enabled and issued to indicate the money coming out or owned by customers. With the new functionality, it is possible to refund partially paid invoices. HostBill’s Email Verification plugin improves client-area security with automated email verification. New customers will be required to provide an email address and confirm it, by clicking the confirmation link sent to that address.


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