Hetzner Server Automation is a WHMCS Provision Module that enables you to manage Hetzner Server within your WHMCS Billing Panel.

Hetzner is the world’s famous dedicated server provider in Germany and we are happy to announce that we have created a module called the Hetzner Server Automation module i.e if you are a reseller of Hetzner then use this module your customers can able to manage their Dedicated Servers from your WHMCS panel. The module is developed based on Hetzner API Version “2018.06” for Hetzner Dedicated server automation for WHMCS

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  • Import the Server(s) as WHMCS server
  • View all Server(s) and perform an action they’re after
  • View Marketing/Standard Server, Import them as WHMCS Product
  • Setup Cron Job for stock of non-selling server from WHMCS when Hetzner does not have them
  • Supports multiple Hetzner account(s)


  • List Servers with Main IP Address, Name, Traffic, Status, Paid Until Assigned Customer
  • Can View Basic Server Information
  • Can do Multiple/Single Server Import as WHMCS Server
  • Terminate/Cancel Server, View Password, View IPv6 details, Perform Server Reset
  • View Basic Server Information with Interface Information
  • Set Reverse DNS for IPv4 and View Datatraffic Information
  • Perform Linux/Windows OS Installation, cPanel/Plesk Installation, VNC/Rescue Mode
  • Auto Import Servers, Auto Deploy to Customer, and many more automation features
  • Suspend/ Unsuspend/ Terminate a server
  • View Bandwidth graph based on IP Address
  • Reverse DNS reset

Buy Hetzner Server Automation Module For WHMCS


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