Microsoft has been pushing excessively hard for its Edge browser before. Microsoft asks for trying Edge again and again when you try to download Chrome and change the default browser. They even went further with Windows 11 by separating every possible link type in Default Applications settings to force users to change one by one. Now, Microsoft is bringing actual useful features to attract more users.

Free 1 GB of VPN service, by Cloudflare

Some users discovered a Microsoft Support page regarding a not-yet-available feature named Edge Secure Network. According to the support page, the Edge browser will integrate a VPN solution by Cloudflare. It will be easily enabled by clicking the Secure Network button in the main Settings menu. Edge Secure Network will simply encrypt web traffic by routing it through Cloudflare VPN servers.

According to the page, the service will provide a free 1 GB of secure connection quota every month. It is not clear if there will be a paid option for an unlimited VPN connection yet. There is also no location selection option; it will not help get rid of content region restrictions for some subscription-based media services. However, it might be an option for a paid version of Edge Secure Network, if they decide to bring it.

Currently, there is no information regarding the release date of this feature. We hope not to see “Please use Edge browser, please!” messages in Windows when it releases.



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