Domains Reseller For WHMCS is a well-thought-out module that will offer you a whole new means to resell TLDs, track earnings, and manage your resellers handily. It has been equipped with Blesta integration, and even its own API aimed to let your resellers market domains to their clients through absolutely any chosen platform.

All you need to do is configure the main product in WHMCS, then generate your own domain registrar integration module to be installed by your resellers straight within their systems. Afterward, Domains Reseller For WHMCS will let you fix different TLDs pricing rates for each reseller group separately, handle credits and refund policy, provide documentation, as well as monitor API logs and income statistics. You will easily grow your reseller base with new members through actions performed in bulk as well as by automatically converting your clients once they order a previously specified product. At the same time, your resellers will be empowered to quickly preview orders placed by acquired clients along with other key details organized neatly in the Reseller Area.

Buy Domains Reseller For WHMCS


  • Provider

    • View Resellers And TLDs Income Statistics
    • View Most Profitable Resellers And Latest Invoices
    • Create And Manage Resellers:
      • Assign To Dedicated Group
      • Assign Client’s Account
      • Generate Access API Key
      • Restrict Access To Specific IP Addresses
      • Allow API Access
      • Define API Limits Interval And Requests
      • View Reseller’s Orders And Income
      • Automatically Create Resellers From Clients Using Provisioning Module
    • Create And Manage Groups:
      • Allow API Access With Defined Permissions
      • Allow Access To API Documentation
      • Select Pricing Method For Reselling TLDs:
        • Override With Own Pricing Slab
        • Use Default WHMCS Pricing Slab
      • Provide Promotion Code With WHMCS Pricing Method
      • Send Low Credit Notification
      • Define Payment Collection Type:
        • After Domain Registration
        • After Order Placement
      • Define Refund Policy Upon Unsuccessful Domain Registration:
        • Disabled
        • Via Credits Only
        • Via Invoice Refund
      • Allow Reseller Debit Within Defined Unpaid Invoices Limit
      • Define Default Domain Registrant
      • Define Tech/Admin/Billing Domain Contact Details
      • Define Domain Contacts To Be Edited By End Clients
      • Create Domain Registrar Integration Modules For Resellers:
        • Choose Dedicated Platform:
          • WHMCS
          • Blesta
        • Define Name And Description
        • Provide Logo
        • Attach Additional Fields Integration File
        • Attach Documentation
      • Assign Offered TLDs For Resellers
      • Define Pricing For Each TLD Extension:
        • For Register, Transfer, And Renew Action
        • For Each Year Period
        • For Each Currency
    • Create Response Templates To Overwrite Registrars Messages Displayed To End Clients
    • Configure Default Settings:
      • Toggle Global API Status
      • Toggle Global API IP Restriction
      • Toggle Global API Requests Restriction
      • Define Default Group Settings
    • View API Request And Response Logs
    • View API Documentation
  • Resellers

    • Access Dedicated Reseller Area
    • View Domains Orders
    • View TLDs Pricing
    • View And Assign Bought Domains
    • Access Reseller Settings:
      • View Available Account Credits
      • Access API Details:
        • View Available Credentials
        • View/Generate API Key
        • View/Modify IP Addresses Restrictions
      • Download Domain Registrar Integration Module
      • Download Provider Documentation
      • Download Additional Fields Integration File
    • View API Request And Response Logs
    • View API Documentation
    • End Clients

      • Manage Contact Information
      • Manage Email Forwarders
      • Manage DNS Records
      • Register/Manage Private Nameservers
      • Enable/Disable ID Protection



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