Domain Orders Extended For WHMCS will advance the collection of domain search tools in your system to let you organize TLDs into categories and perform assorted bulk actions on domains. You will be empowered to configure your own domain lookup submodules, but also choose from among 7 predefined ones, including the widely respected Enom, ResellerClub, and OpenSRS.

The module will help you precisely adjust the order and appearance of search results provided to your clients. You can select a preferred lookup design, as well as pick the categories, or even specific TLDs, that shall be promoted at the top of the domain search list. Support for WHMCS premium domains and slab pricing will allow you to introduce alternative charges for selected domains and client groups. The application of predefined TLD sets and easily customizable domain labels serves the same goal of further perfecting the browsing experience.

What your customers will be offered as a result is an ultimately modern domain search engine, not only superlative in functionality but also exquisitely attractive in visual terms. With it, they will be able to perform bulk domain search, as well as multiple lookup and checkout operations for domain names, all under a single request. To make the final choice even easier, clients will be offered suggestions of domain names brought by the inbuilt spinner of a selected domain lookup provider.

Go for Domain Orders Extended For WHMCS today and drum up your business with the most efficient and customer-friendly scheme for ordering any number of domains!

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  • Client Area

    • Supports Four External Domain Search Types
    • Fast Cron Domain Lookup
    • Simultaneous Domain Searches In Multiple Spinners
    • Search For Various Domain Names In Bulk – “Lagom – List View” And “List View” Search Types
    • Display Domain Name Suggestions
    • Display Domain Labels
    • Display TLDs Basing On Defined Prioritization And Order
    • Display Dynamic Prices Of Premium Domains Based On Registrar Values And WHMCS Price Markups
    • Display TLD Prices To Client Groups Based On Set Pricing Slabs
    • Multiple Checkout Of Domains In One Request
  • Admin Area

    • Group TLDs Into Categories & Subcategories
    • Set Promoted Categories And TLDs
    • Set Order Of Categories, Subcategories, And TLDs
    • Perform Bulk Changes On Multiple TLDs:
      • Change TLD Categories And Registrars
      • Set Domain Pricing For Default And Custom Slab Groups
      • Set Domain Grace And Redemption Periods Pricing
      • Set Domain Labels
      • Set Domain Addons And EPP Code
      • Toggle Promoted TLDs
      • Delete TLDs From Categories
    • Quickly Preview TLD’s Pricing
    • Import TLD Sets To Categories From Predefined List
    • Choose Domain Lookup Submodules:
      • Default Or Custom WHMCS Provider
      • OpenSRS
      • Enom
      • HEXONET
      • NetEarthOne
      • ResellerCamp
      • ResellerClub
      • Add Your Own Lookup Submodules
    • Set TLDs Searched By Default
    • Toggle Premium Domains
    • Toggle Search Of Domain Suggestions
    • Toggle Search Results Pagination – “Lagom” And “List View” Search Types
      • Define Number Of Records To Show
    • Add Customized TLD Labels:
      • Set Label Title
      • Adjust Label Priority
      • Apply To Premium Domains Only
      • Set Text And Background Color
    • Choose Domain Search Type:
      • List View
      • General Category View
      • Multi-Category View
      • Lagom – List View
      • Lagom – General Category View
      • Lagom – Multi-Category View
    • Configure Cron Domain Lookup:
      • Define Number Of Simultaneous Processes
      • Define Number Of Search Records Per Process
    • Import TLDs From CSV File
    • Export TLDs To CSV File
    • View Logs


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