DNS Manager For WHMCS is a fully-featured module that will allow you to provision DNS zones, empowering both you and your clients to manage zones and records right inside your WHMCS. Owing to a vast choice of submodules, including the widely known cPanel, Cloudflare, and Plesk ones, it easily adapts to even the most specific of business requirements.

As an administrator, you will maintain complete control over all DNS aspects and access a broad selection of supervision instruments. You will be able to create assorted packages with different combinations of settings and limits that will help you tailor your offer dynamically to the evolving demands of your customers. At the same time, they will be allowed to add and remotely manage zones together with DNS and DNS records – all that including bulk actions. For instance, not only will it be possible to create zones from ready-made sets of DNS records, but your clients will be also welcome to freely formulate such sets applicable to the zones they own all by themselves!

By virtue of the option to enable DNSSEC validation on PowerDNS, PowerDNS V4, Cloudflare, and DirectAdmin servers, DNS Manager For WHMCS will contribute markedly to the security and trustworthiness of your DNS infrastructure. The module will also perfect many everyday work routines: you will be able to create, import, and migrate DNS zones, handle their backups, send emails to your staff and clients, display logs and monitor the status of each scheduled task. Among the additional advantages, you will no doubt appreciate the ones of connecting with the module through the API, and bolstering its performance with IP subnets management upon the integration with IP Manager For WHMCS.

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  • Admin Area

    • Define DNS Servers
    • Define Packages
    • Create DNS Zones
    • View And Edit Existing Zones
    • Lock/Unlock Zones From Edition By Clients
    • Migrate Zones Between Chosen Servers
    • Import Zones From Chosen Server
    • Auto-Synchronize Zones And DNS Records Between Multiple Servers
    • Manage Zones Backups
    • Define, Manage And Duplicate DNS Records Set
    • Apply DNS Record Sets To Multiple Zones At Once
    • Wipe Existing Zone Records Upon Applying DNS Records Set
    • Set Up Automated Tasks And Execution Time
    • Toggle Administrator Notifications And Choose Who Send Them To
    • Modify Notifications Email Templates
    • Allow Creation Of PTR Record Without DNS Zone
    • Protect DNS Zones On Product Termination
    • Manage Client Area Zones Features:
      • Select Default Template
      • Toggle DNS Management Link
      • Choose Scope Of Zones Management:
        • Allow DNS And rDNS Management
        • Allow Only DNS Management
        • Allow Only rDNS Management
      • Allow Domain/Products/Addon/Other Items Zones With:
        • Only That Domain
        • Only That Product Domain
        • Only Domains From Owned Domains Items
        • Only Domains From Products Items
        • Only Domains From Both Owned Domains And Product Items
        • Any Custom Domain
      • Exclude Used Domains From Zone Creation
      • Allow Zones With Related Service IP Addresses Only
      • Allow Zones With Custom Subnet IP Addresses
      • Allow rDNS With Custom IP Address
      • Allow DNS With Custom IP Address
      • Allow Management Of DNS Record Sets
      • Display Full DNS Record Names
      • Allow Management Of Zones Backups
      • Define Zones Backups Limit
      • Choose Whether To Display Zone’s Product Name
      • Display Suggested Nameservers From Submodule
      • Display DNS Manager Button In Services Sidebar Menus
    • Define Zone Statuses Displayed In Client Area:
      • SOA Warning
      • Available Domain
      • Active
      • Pending
    • Define Blocked DNS Strings With Regex Support
    • Define Logs And Notifications Settings
    • Define Which Zone Actions To Log:
      • Create/Terminate Zone
      • Add/Edit/Remove Record
    • View Details And Notifications Related To Zones And Servers Load
    • View Information About Automated Tasks
    • View Scheduled Tasks Progress
    • Display Usage Of DNS Servers
    • View Email Notifications Statistics
    • View Logs
  • Client Area

    • View List Of Owned Packages
    • View Domain Status
    • Add And Manage New Zones Within Package Limit
    • View Zones Limit Per Package
    • Add And Manage Zones Records Within Records Limits
    • View DNS Records Limits Per Zone
    • Toggle DNSSEC For Zone
    • View DNSSEC Details Of Zone
    • Manage In Bulk:
      • Add/Modify/Delete/List DNS Records
      • Change DNS Record Sets
      • Delete Zones
    • Add And Manage DNS PTR Records Without DNS Zone
    • Add, Manage And Duplicate DNS Records Sets
    • Create Zone From DNS Records Set
    • Manage Zones Backups:
      • Create Manual Backups
      • View Automated Backups
      • Restore Backups
      • Preview Zones List In Created Backups
      • Export To File
      • Import From File
    • View Bulk Management Tasks
    • Automation

      • Provision Packages
      • Migrate Zones
      • Import Zones
      • Clear Unused Zones
      • Clear Logs
      • Backup Zones


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