CRM For WHMCS is a revelatory module created for complex customer relationship management including the leads, potentials, and any other contact type you wish to create as well as the follow-ups. With its help, all contact details of prospective clients will be organized in a transparent list directly in your system. Along with that, you will be able to add new contacts, convert their status at any time or even create accounts for them without the need to leave the addon page. Of no less substance is the fact that you will be given the possibility to set up your own labels and assign them to the clients on the Kanban board through the convenient drag & drop functionality. What is more, you may gather contacts’ details by generating and locating customized web forms on your external websites to obtain data as easily and quickly as possible.

Furthermore, the module includes a wide spectrum of advanced features to facilitate your business management. You will be allowed to define permissions for each administrator role, send automated emails, issue announcements, add notes, create campaigns, generate quotes as well as view logs and other details of your tasks. Another component worth mentioning is the capability to manage automation groups and construct rules in order to automatically create follow-ups, send notifications, and add reminders. There is even an option to add custom fields for your contacts in order to gather all required information in one place as well as the possibility to access complete conversation history directly from the contact view. All the data can be imported/exported so you will be enabled to migrate them between WHMCS systems or simply make a backup whenever you need to. No less convenient is the ability to turn on the standalone mode which renders the addon page outside WHMCS or toggle full screen for particular widgets.

In addition, you will be able to overview and analyze assembled information thanks to the graphic presentation on the dashboard. Alongside the statistical graphs and tables, there will be a calendar showing the schedule of foreseen follow-ups. Should you prefer to handle the follow-ups using WHMCS or Google calendar, it will be also possible thanks to the built-in integration.



  • Addon Module

    • Create Contacts:
      • Leads
      • Potentials
      • Custom Types
    • Convert Contact Types
    • Send Mass Email & SMS To:
      • All Clients
      • Chosen Client Groups
      • Contacts From Chosen Campaigns
    • Restrict Access To Contact Types
    • Assign Client Account To Contact
    • Assign Administrator To Contact
    • Assign Ticket To Contact
    • Quickly Edit Contact Details
    • Add And Manage Contact’s Follow-ups
    • Add And Manage Contact’s Notes
    • View, Create And Synchronize Quotes For Contact
    • View Contact Tickets
    • View Contact Orders
    • Send Email From Template Or Custom Message – Include Files And Quote
    • Send And Receive Emails Using Custom Mailboxes
    • Send Ticket Response
    • View Email And SMS Messages In Conversation Log
    • Upload And Manage Files From Contact Profile
    • Add And Assign Labels To Contacts
    • Manage Customer Relationship Stages On Kanban Board
    • View Announcements For Administrators
    • View Logs Concerning Contact
    • View Dashboard Containing:
      • Incoming Follow-ups
      • Contact Lists
      • Last Email Messages
      • Last Activity
    • View Calendar With All Reminders Sorted By Type
    • View CRM Statistics And Graphs Concerning Contacts
    • Import Contacts In Chosen File Formats: CSV, XSL, XSLX, ODS
    • Export Contacts In Chosen File Formats: CSV, XSL, XSLX, ODS, PDF
    • Perform Bulk Actions On Multiple Contacts
    • Remove Contact:
      • Move Contact To Archive Where It Can Be Restored From
      • Delete Contact From CRM Database Completely



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