cPanel has announced that their newest version is now available as an EDGE tier. The latest version brings a couple of new features and updates existing ones with additional capabilities. The EDGE version means the fastest rolling cycle of releases of cPanel, which translates into having the highest potential of bugs. The cPanel team does not recommend EDGE versions to be used; they are released for just testing.

New features

The 102 version brings an SQL Edit interface that allows making changes to existing MySQL and MariaDB configurations to cPanel & WHM. The Jupiter interface gets an Onboard Assistant for new user accounts and helps the user create or restore a website. A new Raw NGINX Log Download interface is also added to the cPanel 102.

Updated features

  • “Accounts” and “Transfer and Restore tracking” data is added to the Configuration Analytics
  • Improved cPanel and WHM Search feature for prioritizing better results
  • NGINX logging data (visitors, errors, and raw access) added to cPanel interfaces
  • User Manager now can be managed through Feature Manager
  • cPanel and WHM interfaces updated to Jupiter theme
  • Ubuntu 20.04 LTS is now officially supported, leaving “Experimental” status
  • “Install an RPM” has a new name now: “Install Distro Packages”
  • NGINX caching now can be enabled or disabled at the cPanel Home interface
  • Ubuntu users will see the new version of Passenger instead of Ruby
  • New installations will include WordPress Toolkit

Removed features

  • Paper Lantern theme
  • CentOS 8 support (CentOS 8 has reached the end-of-life. It is no longer supported)
  • Manage Plugins interface on DNSOnly servers

PHP upgrade

  • This update also upgrades the internal cPanel PHP version from 7.3 to 7.4.

The cPanel team releases new versions in 5 different tiers: LTS, Stable, Release, Current, and EDGE. This release is an EDGE release; as we mentioned before, its purpose is testing and should be avoided to use in live environments.


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