Client Area Popup For WHMCS is a must-have module that will let you compose customizable pop-ups visible across your client area. You will be allowed to place a series of rules applicable to the appearance, display, and target audience of each notification.

Pop-up recipients can be precisely defined by selecting the required user groups, languages, or even products. Together with it, you will be able to determine when exactly the message shall be available, e.g. on particular days of the week, or only if a visitor stays long enough on your website. The module will also allow you to limit access to notifications to specific pages of the client area only. Every pop-up advertisement can be presented as a text, HTML, or an image, as well as animated to either fade in or slide into the desired position on your page. Additionally, you may choose from over 20 predefined styles or generate your own ones to further personalize its design. If permitted, your customers will be free to turn off each pop-up once familiar with the message or the content is simply not relevant.

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  • Admin Area

    • Create Informative And Advertisement Pop-Ups
    • Compose Pop-ups Using Predefined Styles
    • Preview Pop-up With Single Click
    • Archive Pop-ups For Later Use
    • View Pop-up Restrictions
    • View Number of Pop-up Displays
    • View Pop-up Delay Time
    • View Pop-up Status
    • Create Styles To Be Used By Pop-up
    • Preview Style With Single Click
  • Client Area

    • View Pop-Up When Restrictions Are Met
    • Close Pop-Up Permanently
    • Pop-up

      • Define Pop-up Restrictions:
        • Display Frequency – How Often Pop-up Should Be Displayed
        • Options For Client To Close Pop-up Permanently
        • Visible To Logged In Users – Display Pop-up To Registered Clients Only
        • Visible To Not Logged In Users – Display Pop-up To Guests Only
        • Pages – Define Pages Where Pop-up Is Displayed
        • Days – Specify Days Of The Week When Pop-up Is Displayed
        • Required Languages
        • Required User Groups
        • Required Active Products
        • Required Active Products In Groups
        • Required Active Products With Servers
        • Required Active Addons
        • Required Active Domains With Chosen TLDs
        • Lack Of Chosen Active Products
        • Lack Of Chosen Active Addons
        • Lack Of Active Domains With Chosen TLDs
      • Define Due Date Restrictions:
        • Display Pop-up Before, After, And On Service Due Date
        • Specify Conditions With ‘Less Than’, ‘Equal To’ And ‘Greater Than’ Options
        • Define Number Of Days Applied To Condition
        • Specify Active Services
        • Specify Services’ Status
      • Define Timing:
        • Date Frames – Start And End Date For Pop-up To Be Displayed
        • Time Ranges – Hours Interval When Pop-up Is Displayed
        • Delay Time – After How Many Seconds Pop-up Is Displayed
        • Display Limit – How Many Times Pop-up Is Displayed For Everyone Or Per Client
      • Define Pop-up Size
      • Define Pop-up Animation:
        • Fade In
        • Slide From Chosen Direction
      • Assign Style To Pop-up
      • Choose Type And Provide Pop-up Content:
        • Text With WYSIWYG Editor
        • Raw HTML
        • Image
      • Auto-synchronize Pop-up Status Basing On Start And End Date


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