WHMCS 8.0 introduces a new look for the default admin area theme. In this blog post, I share some of the stand-out changes.

The WHMCS admin area has over 125 interface pages, each often containing multiple sub-interfaces through the use of modals, popups, and more. In this release we’ve delivered a number of enhancements to the theme to help make use of WHMCS more efficient, and more productive.

Slimmer navigation

One of the most noticeable differences will be the new slimmer look to the framing of pages with the admin area. These changes include a smaller footprint, optimized menus, aims to maximize focus on the content and reduce distractions.

Quick start shortcuts

These are designed to make it quicker to access key actions from anywhere, such as creating a new client or placing a new order.

Easier access to Automation Status

The automation status page gives you detailed insights into the actions that WHMCS is automating and performing for you. Now that page is just a click away, no matter where you are within the admin area thanks to a new icon that’s always present in the top-right icon tray.

Alerts to automation issues

Automation is a key part of WHMCS, and so knowing when something goes wrong is vital. In WHMCS 8.0, the new Automation Status icon will instantly alert you any time there is a problem with the automation cron being invoked. The screenshot above shows how the icon will appear when there is an issue preventing the cron tasks from starting or completing successfully.

More consistent help access

The help menu has been slimmed down and relocated to the top right of every page. When a documentation article related to the page you are currently viewing is available, the Documentation link within the Help menu will now take you directly to the page related to the feature you are presently viewing.

Improvements to Intelligent Search

One of the most used features of the WHMCS admin area is the intelligent search, which performs a search across most data entity types within WHMCS and uses input analysis to determine the most relevant fields to search. There’s been a complete refactor to the frontend driver logic for intelligent search that will deliver improved performance, smoother animations, and some UX improvements.

Notifications/alerts to new updates

We make updates to WHMCS frequently to deliver new features and functionality, improvements to existing areas of the product, and to ensure and maintain compatibility with changes in 3rd party systems. Therefore staying up-to-date ensures you are always getting the best possible experience. And in WHMCS 8.0, that’s even easier with a new update icon which will appear any time an update becomes available and give you quick and easy access to the Automatic Update feature.

Improved mobile and tablet behavior

The main menu navigation responsive behavior has been redesigned to provide a touch-friendly and optimized experience on mobile and tablet devices. The menu now becomes hidden on smaller device sizes, accessible via a menu icon located at the top left of every page to reveal a slide-out menu drawer optimized for touch devices.

Other modernizations and improvements

Many pages have seen changes, consolidation of control options, improvements to visual display and consistency, slimmer form controls for increased information capture

Some of the changes are bigger and more noticeable, while others are smaller and more subtle. But in all cases, these changes will deliver the quality of life improvements to everyone who uses the WHMCS product.

Thanks for reading!


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