How Virtualizor Simplifies VPS Management for Businesses Through its Cloud Control Panel

Businesses leverage web-based control panels to keep their servers running smoothly. As virtualization and digital transformation continue to drive eCommerce, those control panels are more critical than ever before. Today, ...

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LiteSpeed Web Server – Everything You Need to Know

LiteSpeed Web Server Your website loading speed can greatly affect your ranking. The bounce rate from your website can be significant if site visitors experience loading delays. LiteSpeed Web Server ...

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How to Use Your CentOS VPS into a Linux RDP

RDP stands for Remote Desktop Protocol. It provides a graphical interface to control another computer/server over the network connection. In basic terms – user will employ the RDP User Client, on the other hand, ...

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What is a CDN? (Content Delivery Network)

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network, in essence, it is a group of servers place in different countries all over the world and act as a cache of sorts for your data. This ...

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IPv4 vs. IPv6 Which one

Internet protocol address, or IP, is a way of assigning a label to the devices on the internet. This protocol allows us to uniquely identify every device that is connected ...

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How to Test 10Gbps Servers Network

Traditionally, to perform a speed test for your home connection, or 100Mbps, or a even 1Gbps dedicated server – you would just use any common third party website, such as ...

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