How to install Orbisreseller plugin

INSTALLATION Once you have purchased the OrbisReseller plugin, you will automatically receive a first email with your OrbisReseller license information and the linked user documentation. OrbisReseller installation requirements The installation ...

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cPanel Redis Plugin – Product Introduction

The cPanel Redis Plugin is a feature-rich software product built by UNIXy, a fully managed server company, that enables owners of cPanel WHM servers to install, control, and manage the Redis service from the comfort ...

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cPanel Pricing – The Before, The After And The Remedy And How It Changes The View On cPanel

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much has the game changed for you as a result of cPanel’s decision to drop the pay-per-server model? Actually, you don’t have ...

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10 Tips to Improve Your cPanel Security – cPanel Guides

While software security can be a vast and complex subject, there are often simple steps that can be taken to enhance security immediately. Web hosting administration system, cPanel offers a ...

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What Is The Hosting Control Panel And What You Should You Know About it?

The hosting control panel (cPanel) offers seamless automation software for hosting companies to offer affordable and best web hosting services to their users. cPanel makes web hosting accessible and easy ...

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What’s new in cPanel & WHM 106? cPanel New Release

The cPanel team introduced the new features and fixes in cPanel & WHM version 106. The team also announced that cPanel version 106 has been released to the EDGE tier. In the new release, the Top ...

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How to Install WHM/cPanel in Almalinux? – cPanel Guides

cPanel is a widely used web hosting control panel. As it is easy to use, a majority of hosting providers offer it with Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated ...

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Easiest And The Most Basic cPanel Tutorial – cPanel Learning

There are many web hosting control panels out there, however, we recommend for you use cPanel as we think it is one of the most intuitive control panels out there, ...

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8 cPanel Tips And Tricks to Make Your Website Management Simple And Efficient

cPanel Tips – For Linux-based hosting, cPanel is the control panel of choice for all of us, combining unparalleled functionality with ease of use. That being said, it has so ...

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How Does The Performance of Your Website Change With HTTP VS HTTPS? A Quick Guide

HTTP vs HTTPS: A Brief Introduction The World Wide Web (WWW) as we know it uses both HTTP and HTTPS protocols to send and receive data over the internet. But, ...

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