Blesta 5.5 Released

Blesta 5.5 is now available! The domain manager continues to get updates, including a bulk TLD import with pricing markup, advanced renewal of domains, automatic price overrides for domains and ...

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What Are WHMCS Alternatives And Why Choose Them Over WHMCS – A Detailed Guide

Web Host Manager Complete Solution (WHMCS) is an all-in-one web hosting, server rental, co-location services, and domain registration solution. It’s developer-friendly and highly compatible with most service providers and control ...

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Blesta 5.5 Beta Released

We are pleased to announce that Blesta 5.5.0 BETA 1 has been released! So what is new in 5.5? Blesta version 5.5 includes even more updates to the Domain Manager ...

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WHMCS Vs Blesta : Which Is Better For Your Hosting Company?

Two of the most popular web hosting management platforms available online are WHMCS and Blesta Services. Though there are several competitors, these two stand out due to the availability of ...

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Blesta 5.4 Has Been Released

Blesta 5.4 is now available! This release has additional improvements to the domain manager, custom ticket fields for support departments, data feeds with embed codes for your website including a ...

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Blesta 5.4 Beta Released – What’s New

We are pleased to announce that Blesta 5.4.0 BETA 1 has been released! (Caption: Upload your logo, then drag to scale it to the desired size for the client area.) ...

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Blesta 5.3 Released

Blesta 5.3 is now available! The domain manager introduced in 5.1 and updated in 5.2 has been updated again with TLD pricing sync, and an official OpenSRS registrar module. Widgets ...

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