Are you trying to find the option to install WordPress in cPanel? You’ve found the solution. We will walk you through how to install WordPress in cPanel using the installation manager provided by Softaculous or cPanel.

To make finding features easier, cPanel introduced a search box right up top that allows you to find things by simply typing what you are looking for into the text box. To find the feature for WordPress, type “WordPress” into the search box and you should immediately see an option called “WordPress Manager by Softaculous” if your cPanel has Softaculous installed. If you are not a HoboHost customer you may see something called “WordPress Manager”. Click the WordPress Manager feature.

For Softaculous users, just click the “Install Now” option.

After clicking install now, you will see some settings you will need to quickly review. They are pre-filled with default values that are just fine for most users. The three important ones are the installation URL, username, and password. Please review your WordPress installation URL first. Next, take note of the username and password or change them to what you desire. After doing this scroll to the bottom and click “Install” to install WordPress.

Congratulations! You have found WordPress in cPanel and installed it! Sadly, just finding the button to install in cPanel is half the battle for most users. We hope this helps!





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