We are pleased to announce that Blesta 5.7.0 BETA 1 has been released!

So what is new in 5.7?

Blesta version 5.7 now includes a quotation system! We also added support for the domain registrar ConnectReseller, the Coinbase Commerce crypto payment gateway.

We added support for LXC for Proxmox, as well as other improvements. We updated the importer, the domain manager, and more!

New and Updated Extensions

  • ConnectReseller Domain Registrar module has been added.
  • Coinbase Commerce payment gateway has been added.
  • Proxmox now supports the LXC container virtualization type.
  • Import Manager now imports WHMCS domains using the Generic Domain module as a fallback.
  • Import Manager now includes a mapping file for CentovaCast for WHMCS.
  • Order plugin was updated to include an Orders widget on the client profile.
  • Order plugin was updated to enforce alphanumeric and hyphens within order form labels.
  • Domain Manager was updated to allow domains to be pushed from one client to another.
  • Domain Manager was updated to improve admins renewing a domain manually in advance.
  • OVH Domain Registrar module price sync was updated for EUR pricing.
  • Mass Mailer now includes clients with no language defined when filtering by default language.
  • Enom now properly uses the TLD cost when performing a price sync, rather than the defined price.

Changes to the Core

  • A new Quotation System has been added.
  • There’s a new “Renewal Queue” section under Tools for service renewal management.
  • Swift Mailer has been replaced with Symfony Mailer.
  • Domain renewals now appear as “Domain Renewal” instead of “Domain Registration” on invoices.
  • Voiding an invoice that has pending services associated with it now shows a confirmation dialog.
  • Improved PHP 8.1 support.
  • A warning is now displayed if an integrity check fails on the Blesta.system_key.

Notes for Developers

  • Service activation events Services.addAfter and Services.editAfter now include a service_activated boolean flag. See the task.

Client Template Changes

  • /app/views/client/bootstrap/client_main_edit.pdt updated
  • /app/views/client/bootstrap/client_quotations.pdt new
  • /app/views/client/bootstrap/client_quotations_approve.pdt new
  • /app/views/client/bootstrap/client_quotations_invoices.pdt new
  • /app/views/client/bootstrap/partial_packageoption_js.pdt updated

Staff Template Changes

  • /app/views/admin/default/admin_billing_quotationinvoices.pdt new
  • /app/views/admin/default/admin_billing_quotations.pdt new
  • /app/views/admin/default/admin_clients_createquotation.pdt new
  • /app/views/admin/default/admin_clients_editquotation.pdt new
  • /app/views/admin/default/admin_clients_invoicequotation.pdt new
  • /app/views/admin/default/admin_clients_invoices.pdt updated
  • /app/views/admin/default/admin_clients_quotationinvoices.pdt new
  • /app/views/admin/default/admin_clients_quotations.pdt new
  • /app/views/admin/default/admin_company_billing_customization.pdt updated
  • /app/views/admin/default/admin_company_billing_invoices_form.pdt updated
  • /app/views/admin/default/admin_company_emails_mail.pdt updated
  • /app/views/admin/default/admin_packages_moduleoptions.pdt updated
  • /app/views/admin/default/admin_tools_change_max_attempts.pdt new
  • /app/views/admin/default/admin_tools_renewals.pdt new
  • /app/views/admin/default/partial_packageoption_js.pdt updated

Note Regarding PHP 8

Many 3rd party or custom extensions may not yet be compatible with PHP 8.

If upgrading Blesta, it is best to use a PHP version that is compatible with both the release you are upgrading from and the release you are upgrading to. Test third-party integrations and customizations.

Blesta supports PHP 7.2, 7.3, 7.4, 8.1 through Ioncube using the default files, and PHP 8.0/8.1 through SourceGuardian via the hotfix-php8 directory.


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