Blesta 5.5 is now available! The domain manager continues to get updates, including a bulk TLD import with pricing markup, advanced renewal of domains, automatic price overrides for domains and new registrar module. We also added an abandoned order feature, an option to hide client fields that are not required on both order forms and within the client area, adjust the start value and format of client IDs, and more.

What’s new in 5.5?

  • Added a bulk TLD import option to the domain manager.
  • Added the option for domains to renew further in advance than services.
  • Added an option to lock in prices for new domains.
  • Added new filter options to the Domain Manager, to filter by TLD or Registrar.
  • Added a new domain registrar module.
  • Added a new abandoned order option to send reminders to clients with unpaid orders.
  • Added an option to hide client fields that are not required on order forms and within the client area.
  • Added the ability to set the Client ID Start Value, Client ID Format, and Client ID Increment value.
  • Added a Package setting to automatically set a price override for new services, locking in the original price.
  • Added transaction messages within the transaction expand the area for supported gateways.
  • Updated the Portal plugin to add support for multi-language.
  • Updated Stripe Payments to show an ACH “Mandate”, and add support for transaction messages.
  • Updated Namecheap, Namesilo, and LogicBoxes to support TLD import and price sync.


Reminder: If you are a developer, you should review the version 5 Migration Guide and update your extensions if you haven’t already done so.

  • Added a new event for Email Verification.
  • Added a Doc Comments file in ~/lib/doc_comments.php for auto-completion support in IDEs.
  • Modules may now insert their own content in the client service management overview page.
  • We recommend updating your extensions to support PHP 8 if they don’t already.


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