Blesta 5.3 is now available! The domain manager introduced in 5.1 and updated in 5.2 has been updated again with TLD pricing sync, and an official OpenSRS registrar module. Widgets on the client dashboard can now be sorted and enabled or disabled, just like client cards. Services can now be pushed from one client to another, package descriptions can now be added to invoice line items, and much more!

What’s new in 5.3?

  • Added an option so that Package descriptions can be appended to invoice line items.
  • Added a new client profile bulk option to push services from one client to another.
  • Added the ability to sort and enable or disable Client Dashboard widgets, like Client Cards.
  • Added many new Messenger templates for clients, so they can receive SMS messages.
  • Added a new Accept.js merchant payment gateway.
  • Added a new OpenSRS domain registrar module.
  • Updated Stripe Payments to add support for ACH.
  • Updated the Domain Manager to add support for importing pricing with markup and rounding.
  • Updated the Domain Manager to implement DNS Management, Email Forwarding, ID Protection, and EPP code through some registrars.
  • Updated the Order System to honor the CAPTCHA requirement if set for client logins.



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