As a hosting reseller, only the best should be good enough for your clients. After all, you are providing a service and running a business.

That said, you’d need an exceptional web host manager, such as WHMCS to get the job done.

Now that we have that settled, let’s now look at what we mean by reseller hosting then we’ll explore WHMCS and the top modules they offer for efficiency.

What is reseller hosting?

If you are willing to offer your consumers web hosting services, you can do reseller hosting.

Reseller Hosting is therefore a business that allows you to sell website spaces to other web users seeking such a service. As a hosting reseller, you’ll buy a large amount of server storage space and bandwidth at a wholesale price to make a profit when sold.

Now that we understand what reseller hosting is, it’s now time to explore WHMCS and its top modules for reseller hosing efficiency.

WHMCS stands for Web Hosting Manager Complete Solution. This solution enables you to manage all of your clients, orders, and payments from the comfort of WHMCS.

Let’s now jump in and look at what a WHMCS module is. Now a module in this case is a collection of functions. These functions provide additional functionality to your already operative WHMCS platform.

That said, we could consider WHMCS modules to be great add-ons to enhance your WHMCS experience for both you and your users.

What are the top WHMCS modules for reseller hosting efficiency?

Here are a few of the top WHMCS modules you can use as a reseller to gain more efficiency in your business.

1. Geolocation Hook


Geolocation Hook for WHMCS is a free automated switch that changes the language, currency, and even the template of your WHMCS client area. This automated switch is made based on the location of your audience.

Geolocation Hook for WHMCS works by detecting the country your site visitors are in. When the switch is made, there are crucial elements on your website that will adjust accordingly and instantly.

You’ll be able to cater to the individual preferences of your site visitors and grant them a great customer experience.

2. Report Generator


Report Generator for WHMCS will make your life easier because it allows you to generate custom reports as well as give you access to many predefined reports that you may need.

With this module, you’ll be able to adjust the predefined reports as needed as well as export, print, and compare other reports. You’ll also have the opportunity to schedule the creation of a report and send them wherever you’d like them to go.

Report Generator for WHMCS goes for around $8 as its annual fee at LicenseMan.


3. CRM for WHMCS


CRM for WHMCS is an excellent organizational tool that helps you to manage complex CRM systems. Now you’ll have the opportunity to efficiently manage potential customers and other contact types with whom you want to do follow-ups.

This module also helps you manage your business by combining it with other products and expanding its efficiency.


4. SolusVM Extended VPS

This module allows you to manage virtual servers automatically in your WHMCS. Set up products in your system using various configurable options.

With SolusVM Extended VPS, you can perform crucial actions remotely on their servers. For an annual fee, you can have SolusVM Extended VPS as one of the top efficient WHMCS modules up and running in no time.

5. SMS Center for WHMCS


An efficient module that sends text messages to clients and administrators alike. Choose from more than 30 different SMS gateways. As a user of this module, the opportunity to define the SMS templates in different languages is an option along with sending messages in bulk.

Authenticating login information via SMS is also a feature of these types of WHMCS modules. It enables your customers to decide which notifications they want to receive.




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