Windows VPS can be used for hosting your website, your email (exchange or POP), Forex Trading, and invoicing with MYOB.

What is Windows VPS hosting?

Windows VPS hosting is a virtual private server with Microsoft Windows as an operating system. It allows different users to have root access by partitioning a physical server so that each partition works autonomously and with its resources.

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Advantages of Windows VPS hosting

There are many benefits to using a Windows VPS. Updating the programs is simple with Windows tools. Windows VPS Hosting gives the opportunity to customize the operating system. It means to perform its functions automatically or manually. Thus, it helps in to handle a lot of information and especially traffic. In addition to this, it provides the enhanced security of information and data. It is possible to choose the levels of protection you need.

Also, it has a friendly and easy-to-use graphical interface. Windows VPS server is an excellent option to start in the world of best web hosting if you are familiar with Windows products. It comes with ASP, ASP.NET, and SQL, among others. These programs allow you to create professional websites. Also, you have the option to customize your online platform if you have Microsoft software.

In comparison to the shared web hosting package, Windows VPS gives you more control over the settings on your windows installation with a tool called Remote Desktop Access.

Disadvantages of Windows VPS hosting

The Linux operating system is open-source, unlike Windows. If you use Windows hosting solutions, you will have to pay for the installation and use of its programs, applications, and especially, the licenses. So, it means having a higher cost for Windows. In addition to this, installing Windows on a VPS server requires a lot of capacity.

While using Windows VPS Server, you must always check for the updates and licenses you are applying for not to have any problems regarding the operation of the server. When licenses are missing, certain functions are blocked, and you could not perform optimally.

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