how upgrade WHMCS 8 guide

WHMCS 8.0 includes powerful new features, a new look-and-feel in the Admin Area, and many other improvements. The first step to taking advantage of all these great changes, of course, ...

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JetBackup 4 vs JetBackup 5

JetBackup 4 vs JetBackup 5 Feature Comparison JetBackup 5 is now available on the edge tier with the following features: The main difference is that JetBackup 5 supports various control ...

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WHMCS 8.3 released

WHMCS 8.3 Final cheap license Be the first to try out these new features WordPress Hosting SEO Friendly Product URLs Stripe and PayPal Disputes Management DNS Validation for SSL Changelog:WHMCS ...

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Installing WHMCS manually

The first step to getting started with White Label Reseller Hosting, is to install and configure WHMCS. This can be done rather quickly, and can also be done by our ...

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Why choose an endpoint firewall like Wordfence

Sucuri vs Wordfence – which plugin ensures full WordPress security? This is a question that lots of WordPress website owners find themselves pondering. In these days of state-sponsored attacks, organized crime ...

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what is the cpanel fleet ssl

FAQ Why do the certificates only last 90 days? Due to the automated nature of Let’s Encrypt™, the certificates have 90 day validity. However, this is not a problem, because ...

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How to Configure and Manage Let’s Encrypt in cPanel

It’s super easy to install and manage SSL certificates in cPanel & WHM. Certificate requests and installations happen automatically with  AutoSSL and an  integration such as the cPanel Let’s Encrypt™ ...

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Alt-PHP has been scheduled for gradual rollout

New updated Alt-PHP packages have been scheduled for gradual rollout from our production repository. Rollout slot: 3 Rolled out to: 0.01% ETA for 100% rollout: December, 7 Changelog alt-php51-pecl-ext-1-41 alt-php52-pecl-ext-1-117 alt-php53-pecl-ext-1-143 alt-php55-pecl-ext-1-123 alt-php56-pecl-ext-1-90 ...

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Centralized Monitoring Server package version 1.0.6 released

A new updated Centralized Monitoring Server package version 1.0.6 is now available. Changelog centralized-monitoring-server-1.0.6 Added the ability to disable automatic logout from the (CMT-440, CMT-441): it is called the “mode ...

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PHP package within CentOS 6 Extended Lifecycle Support has been rolled

We are happy to announce that a new updated PHP package within CentOS 6 extended lifecycle support has been rolled out to 100% and is now available for download from our ...

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