Manage and track assets in WHMCS!

Ever wish you could track physical items with WHMCS? How about servers, laptops, tools, or even customer assets and inventory? This module makes that possible without needing a separate application.


  • Custom Asset Groups and Fields
  • Customer Asset Tracking
  • View/Create Asset Links on Client Summary
  • Asset Intake Status
  • Asset Check-out/Check-in (Updated)
  • Link Tickets or other assets to Assets
  • Link Projects to an Asset if the WHMCS Project Management Addon is Enabled
  • Enter Asset Notes
  • Upload Files to an Asset
  • View Asset Logs
  • Different Prefixes per Asset Group
  • Allow Clients to View Their Own Assets in the Client Area (Configurable Permission)
  • Lease Physical Products to Clients (Both manually and automatically)
  • Link Product/Service to Clients
  • Log Work Completed with Service Logs
  • Search Assets by Custom Field
  • Custom Asset Statuses
  • Ability to Print Asset Information
  • Configurable File Type Uploads


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