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API access

Full API access and WHMCS module for automation system to resell all licenseman licenses

White label and brand

Without Licenseman Copyright and full white label licenses full make own as products


You will receive 10-30 % discount as your reseller slab

Terms and Conditions of Resellers

Reseller plans

You have to pay a yearly fee to activate the Reseller account and access the reseller API & WHMCS Module
You can then automatically sell all of our license services on your website without copyright.

By increasing the number of your active licenses in the panel, you can activate the resellers discount for account

*All payments of resellers are received only in the form of Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Dogecoin, USD coin, Lightcoin ) or Perfect Money Gateway


you have access to more than 115 products for resellers ! List off products as resellers on API

cPanel VPS License Reseller:

  • cPanel Dedicated License
  • cPanel VPS License
  • MailScanner Front-End - Mail Scanner
  • Outgoing Spam Monitor (osm)
  • WHM Sonic- Radio Control for cPanel
  • WHM Reseller - multi-level Reseller Plugin

CloudLinux License

  • LiteSpeed Web ADC (Load Balancer)
  • LiteSpeed License

Directadmin License

  • DA Reseller - multi-level Reseller Plugin for DirectAdmin

Plesk License Reseller:

  • Plesk Web HOST - VPS Edition License
  • Plesk Web HOST - Dedicated Edition License
  1. Imunify360 - Powered by AI and Proactive Defense
  2. KernelCare
  3. CPNginx
  4. JetBackup License
  5. Solusvm - Master License
  6. Solusvm - Slave License
  7. LetsEncrypt - FleetSSL cPanel
  8. Softaculous License
  9. Virtualizor License
  10. CXS License
  11. SitePad

WHMCS and WHMCS Plugins resell (modulesgarden WHMCS license)

  • WHMCS license
  1. DNS Manager For WHMCS
  2. Proxmox VPS For WHMCS
  3. cPanel Extended For WHMCS
  4. Multibrand For WHMCS
  5. CRM For WHMCS
  6. Resellers Center For WHMCS
  7. Plesk Extended For WHMCS
  8. Proxmox Cloud VPS For WHMCS
  9. IP Manager For WHMCS
  10. DirectAdmin Extended For WHMCS
  11. Discount Center For WHMCS
  12. OpenStack VPS & Cloud For WHMCS
  13. G Suite For WHMCS
  14. Password Manager For WHMCS
  15. Zendesk For WHMCS
  16. Time & Task Manager For WHMCS
  17. Asterisk VoIP Center For WHMCS
  18. Client Area Popup For WHMCS
  19. DigitalOcean Droplets For WHMCS
  20. Premium Support Tickets For WHMCS
  21. Payment Gateway Allocator For WHMCS
  22. Hetzner VPS For WHMCS
  23. Support Tickets Allocator For WHMCS
  24. Amazon Lightsail For WHMCS
  25. Amazon EC2 For WHMCS
  26. IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers For WHMCS
  27. Google Cloud Virtual Machines For WHMCS
  28. IBM Cloud Virtual Servers For WHMCS
  29. OpenStack Projects For WHMCS
  30. Client Area Popup For WHMCS
  31. GoDaddy Domain Registrar For WHMCS
  32. Office 365 For WHMCS
  33. Unban Center For WHMCS
  34. SMS Center For WHMCS
  35. Products Reseller For WHMCS
  36. Advanced Billing For WHMCS
  37. OVH VPS & Dedicated Servers For WHMCS
  38. Server Allocator for WHMCS
  39. Payment Gateway Charges For WHMCS
  40. Account Synchronization For WHMCS
  41. Domain Orders Extended For WHMCS
  42. Domain Allocator For WHMCS
  43. Domain & Email Forwarding For WHMCS
  44. Domains Reseller For WHMCS
  45. EURid Registrar For WHMCS
  46. Freshdesk For WHMCS
  47. Hosting Quota Notifications For WHMCS
  48. Hosting Renewals For WHMCS
  49. Interspire Email Marketer For WHMCS
  50. Kayako For WHMCS
  51. MX Registrar For WHMCS
  52. Registrar For WHMCS
  53. NIC IT Registrar For WHMCS
  54. Product Cross-Selling For WHMCS
  55. Product Linker For WHMCS
  56. Report Generator For WHMCS
  57. Stripe SEPA Payments For WHMCS
  58. WordPress Manager For WHMCS
  59. Plesk Key Administrator For WHMCS
  60. Client Area Designer For WHMCS
  61. DirectAdmin Licenses For WHMCS
  62. Domain & Email Forwarding For WHMCS
  63. Domain Allocator For WHMCS
  64. Domain Orders Extended For WHMCS
  65. R1Soft Backups For WHMCS
  66. Social Media Login For WHMCS
  67. Zimbra Email For WHMCS
  68. Virtuozzo VPS For WHMCS


Blesta and blesta plugins resell ( modulesgarden plugins )

  • Blesta license resell
  1. Client Area Popup For Blesta
  2. Zendesk For Blesta
  3. OpenStack VPS For Blesta
  4. GoDaddy Domain Registrar For Blesta

Microsoft licenses resell:

  1. Windows 10 Pro
  2. Windows 10 Enterprise
  3. Windows server 2012 R2 Datacenter
  4. Windows server 2012 R2 Standard
  5. Windows server 2016 Datacenter
  6. Windows server 2016 Standard
  7. Windows server 2019 Datacenter
  8. Windows server 2019 Standard
  9. Office Professional Plus 2016
  10. Office Professional Plus 2019

License resell price and discount plans

Resellers Plan

API + WHMCS Module

$50 /Year

Slab A - 10 active license

10% Discount on all Products

Slab B - 50 active license

30% Discount on all Products

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