If you are new to the hosting world or you are not familiar with the technical aspects of hosting a website, then chances are you have never heard of the Linux KVM-based VPS Hosting before. So let’s first break down what Linux KVM-based VPS Hosting is. And only after that, we will move forward discussing what its advantages are.

What are Linux and KVM?

We are pretty sure if you are reading this article then you are somewhat familiar with, what Linux is. In summary, Linux is an operating system that has many different variants. And all these variants are for different types of workloads. Each variant of Linux has a distinct set of features. These features are specifically for a specific type of people. And the same also goes for VPS hosting as well. There are some Linux distros out there that are especially in use only for hosting. And KVM is software that acts as a layer between your operating system ( Linux in our case) and your VPS hosting process.

KVM or more commonly known as KVM hypervisor is a type of additional utility or functionality to Linux. Like any other software, it is also installed on the machine. And when installed it behaves as a virtualization layer on the system.

Nowadays KVM is getting famous day by day. So you can say that it is the main component of the Linux OS system. It is situated in the core of Linux so it acts as a layer between the computer’s actual hardware and the processes.

KVM turns Linux into a type 1 hypervisor. Type 1 hypervisors are also generally known as bare-metal hypervisors. As KVM is directly installed on top of the physical machine, it acts as a layer between the machine and the OS itself. This means that there is nothing between the machine and the KVM. Hence the name bare-metal is given to it. KVM is very good at providing stability.

The advantages of Linux KVM-based VPS Hosting-

Advanced Hardware controls-

There is a very old saying in the computer world that the more the control the better. And in our case, this saying comes true. If you choose Linux KVM-based VPS Hosting then you are going to get the best control over your system in terms of hardware controls. Linux KVM-based VPS Hosting gives you an additional layer of control, which sits directly upon your physical components.

Better Security-

Security is the utmost concern of people when they host their website. Linux KVM-based VPS Hosting offers you the best security. It offers you software and hardware level of security. Linux is generally very safe in comparison to other operating systems. Windows is generally very attack-prone in comparison to Linux devices. But not only software, but you also do not get hardware security issues. It offers you an additional layer of security. This layer is the KVM layer. It helps you to better secure your server from any sort of outside attacks.

Open-source & Free to use-

We all know that if a piece of software is open source and free to use then it can be very good and useful for a lot of people. Being open-source means that anyone can use the software according to their own will. They do not have to pay anyone for using that software. They also do not have to do or mention anything or anyone for using the software. This level of freedom allows the company to concentrate its focus on other useful tasks.

Ease of management and control-

If you have good management and control over your system then you are going to have an easy time dealing with the daily tasks. Linux KVM-based VPS Hosting offers you the KVM hypervisor, which allows you full control over the hardware in the server. This is a very revolutionary step that allows the virtual machine to use and run any type of operating system. This also supports custom kernels specially made for some specific software. Overall it gives you the most amount of control that you can ever expect from a Linux machine. And it enables your VPS hosting to offer root access to the server. And it also gives the capacity to configure server settings, install applications and improve security settings.


Migration is a thing that takes a lot of the company’s precious time and effort. But that is not the case anymore. With the help of KVM VPS hosting, servers can quickly migrate even when they are online. And all that is without the risk of data loss or any sort of huge downtimes. The technologies have grown so far that even if you are wishing to migrate to a different architecture-based C.P.U. that is also very much possible.


As we have discussed in the previous points that it is free to use and open-source software, the modification process is also very easy. If you are a business or anyone else who wants to modify Linux KVM-based VPS Hosting then you can in any sense you want. This is possible because KVM, as well as Linux, are both open-source software. And combined this software gives you complete control over your system. And also there is no restriction on any modification. There are even some communities that modify Linux for different use cases. These communities also roll out their versions of Linux operating systems. These versions of the software are very stable too.


Now let’s talk about the stability of your servers. Linux is by far the most stable operating system. And KVM too is very stable so there is no need for you to be worried about the stability of your servers. Linux even from the very beginning is known for its reliability and stability.

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