It’s been almost a month since our Beta program was released and we started to research and work with real website issues improvement.

We received more than 600 requests to become an early adopters and contribute to our project. Throughout the month, our CloudLinux OS product team enabled plugins for more than 200 end-user websites, which began testing WordPress acceleration features on real-world issues. It’s become a high interest and high priority project for us, and we are going to continue our investment in WordPress hosting performance and profitability.


Considering the high demand for becoming an early adopter, we’ve revised our beta program conditions to make it more beneficial for hosters and to limit the number of participants to ensure our teams are able to adequately handle the communication load. Starting May 24, 2022, we will require the following steps to be completed in order to participate in the beta program:

  1. AccelerateWP module installation.
  2. Enable AutoTracing.
  3. Install WordPress plugins (automated by CL Manager) for websites suggested by Smart Advice.
  4. Provide feedback to the CloudLinux product team.
  5. Authorize CloudLinux to collect feedback from your end-users (anonymous, unbranded survey only).

In return for contributing to our program and helping us to build a better product,  CloudLinux OS offers the following benefits to beta participants:

  1. Forever free of charge Premium AccelerateWP functionality (for up to 50 domains registered before July 1st, 2022).
  2. A provisioning API for upselling to your customers.
  3. Permission to charge your customers throughout the Beta testing program without incurring any charge from CloudLinux.
  4. Listing as an AccelerateWP official provider.
  5. Online support directly from the CloudLinux product team.


Many of these benefits are time-sensitive as our team is seeking real-world data as early as possible. That’s why it is the right time for Hosting providers to start onboard and charge customers for Object caching, AccelerateWP, and Smart Advice. It’s a chance to build more competitive WordPress hosting plans within our commodity market. Sign up and learn more about the Beta Program!

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