Choosing the best possible web hosting service is crucial for any website, especially for business owners. This week once again we will share some tips about how can a website owner improve the service quality and save money while creating a new website.

Do your own backup

Most hosting service providers offer regular backups, which can be very useful. But it would be wise to get your own backups and store them in a different location. Your provider can suffer a ransomware attack or a natural disaster that may prevent you to reach your backups. For such situations, you can get your own backups, and store them in another location to restore them easily if necessary.

Safe payments

While paying for the service, prefer a one-time credit card or Paypal. It eliminates the risk of stolen card information or prevents the provider to make transactions without your permission. Especially if the service provider is in another country, using Paypal is much safer and saves you from the slow and costly local bank transactions and conversion rates.

Short-term contracts

Avoid long-term contracts if you don’t trust your service provider 100%. Most web hosting service providers offer lucrative contracts for the long term, which can be really attractive. However, if you aren’t happy with the service you are receiving, it would be meaningless. Although it costs slightly more, paying for short-term contracts allows you to change your provider easily if necessary.


If you need FTP, try using SFTP instead. It is a safer version of FTP. FTP leaves users at risk of man-in-the-middle attacks and data eavesdropping. SFTP uses an encrypted channel to transfer files, which is safer.

Control panel restrictions

A control panel is a tool that allows admins to manage their website and server including making changes to your site, adding new features, and installing new software and updates. Some providers may restrict the cPanel access for their customers. In this case, the website owner should contact customer service for various processes, such as creating a new email account. If your website requires full access to cPanel frequently, it can be time-wasting to contact customer service for every change.

Resource usage

If your website’s loading time is longer than your expectations, you can check the resource usage. If you are having such issues, you can check cPanel’s Resource Usage tool. If an application or service is using too many resources, you can find it here. Or maybe it is time to upgrade the resources to meet the increasing demands of your website.

Protect directories with password

cPanel’s Directory Privacy allows admins to protect any part of the WordPress file system. Protecting the public_html/wp-admin directory, which includes important files, would be wise to protect the website against possible attacks. By selecting Directory Privacy from the main cPanel dashboard, you can see the files. Once you click the file that should be protected with a password, cPanel will ask you for the password for the file.


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